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Each of the numbered links below will take you to a page detailing the remnants of that particular interurban company.  These pages include links to photos of particular remnants if photos were available when designing this site. Hyperlinks to photos and postcards are indicated by brackets "{ }" around the word "PHOTO" or "PHOTOS" if more than one image of that location.  Some sections contain links to other websites with photographs of remnants.  These links are indicated by brackets "{ }" around the word "LINK" or "LINKS."  Please visit our LINKS page for an explanation of where these hyperlinks go and a DISCLAIMER concerning external links.


Also below is a link to an "index of locations" that lists every town and county that appears in Larry's List as the site of a known remnant.  This should help those planning to visit an area because that town or county can be found on the list to determine if there is anything there to be seen.


In April of 2005 two pages were added that, hopefully, will help those who wish to see the known remnants.  Also, they should help those who may have found remnants and want to know what line ran in the area and if the artifacts are on this list.


The first added page is a map of Indiana showing most of the interurban lines that once existed in the state.  Beside the lines marking the routes are numbers that correspond to the chapters about the individual companies.  Clicking on a number will take you to that chapter.


Another addition is an index of the company names appearing in Larry's List.  Counting the predecessor companies there are 89 names in the list and some companies might have been overlooked.  Many people might know their local line by a name that was in use early in its existence.  Larry grouped his list according to the name being used when the Indiana Railroad acquired most of the remaining lines.  As an example, north of Fort Wayne are remnants of the line built by the Toledo & Chicago Interurban Railway.  That company became part of Indiana Service Corporation and the remnants are listed under the latter corporate name.  The "index of company names" can help in such a situation.


     Indiana map of interurban lines

     Index of locations

     Index of company names

  1 Anderson Street Railway

  2 Chicago & Calumet District Transit Co.

  3 Chicago-New York Electric Air Line Railroad

  4 Chicago, South Shore & South Bend Railroad

  5 Cincinnati, Lawrenceburg and Aurora Electric Street Railroad Co.

  6 Evansville & Ohio Valley Railway Co., Inc.

  7 Evansville, Suburban & Newburgh Railway Co.

  8 Ft. Wayne & Decatur Traction Co.

  9 Ft. Wayne - Lima Railroad Co.

10 Ft. Wayne & Northeastern Traction Co.

11 Gary Railways, Inc.

12 Indiana Service Corporation

13 Indianapolis Railways, Inc.

14 Indianapolis & Southeastern Railroad Co.    New remnants and links added AND one remnant lost 9/30/05

15 Interstate Public Service Co.

16 Northern Indiana Power Co.

17 Northern Indiana Transit, Inc.

18 St. Joseph Valley Traction Co.

19 Southern Indiana Gas & Electric Co.    New remnants and photos added 9/22/05

20 Terre Haute, Indianapolis & Eastern Traction Co. 

21 Union Traction Co. of Indiana    New remnant and link added AND one remnant lost 9/30/05

22 Winona Railroad Co.

23 Indiana Railroad System

24 Miscellaneous